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Ashley Lane starring in Dirty Talk For Step Daddy

Have you ever met a slut so hot that when she played as a stepdaughter, she blurs the line between this family and ultimately making her stepfather cum? This suspiciously specific setting is brought to you by Bad Daddy and Ashley Lane. If you’re following the bad daddy for a while now, you might be familiar in the set up of the room. If you’re not, it basically looks like room of spoiled daughter who gets everything she ever wanted. Bad Daddy makes the awesome casting choices and he proves it again this time as Ashley Lane really goes well with the room. Looking like a bratty teen with skewed sexual preference, it’s perfect. Even her outfit says a whole lot on her priorities. Being a fuckin’ tease must be her middle name because she really invested a huge amount of time being one and go on with her dirty talks. She did eventually show something awesome when she takes off that statement shirt. It reveals humble tits of a teen beauty. With her twin tails, petite figure and that kind of personality, the show starts now. Before anything else… HOLY FUCKING SHIT, man. Is she wearing a diaper? Goddamn it, Ashley. Really went for a class-A teen slut for this role, eh? She was sitting down with her legs far apart when she revealed this. She unclips it and rolled it down to show her shaved pussy being unwrapped like a burrito. Fuckin’ diaper, man. That really took a turn. Shit. Anyway, since she’s already in the position, she proceeds to get her shaved pussy rubbed and finger fucked by hers truly. Her hand runs around and give herself a good time while keeping up her dirty talks and instructions. Ashley goes at it for a while until she got satisfied.